About Me


I’m Beatrice (Bea for short, pronounced Bee 🐝). I’m a front-end developer and self-professed blerd. I'm curious about technology (especially emerging technology) and eager to learn whilst having fun.

In my space time, I volunteer in the tech community, as a organiser at codebar and teaching assistant at CodeYouFuture.

Outside of coding, I'm big on self-care. I decompress by exercising and cooking. I love reading books/comics, watching anime/cartoons, playing video games and trying to learn new skills.


My main technical skills are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Through personal projects, volunteering and employment, I have strengthened my CSS preprocessor/methodologies, JS frameworks and version control skills.

I'm currently learning user-centred design and game development. As I continue my technical journey, I'm excited to explore prototyping and emerging technology such as AR, VR, MR and IoT.



Here are some of the projects that I have worked on. Each project, I aim to build upon my existing technical skills and learn a new framework or tool whilst incorporating my personality/interest.


Anime Quiz

Personality quiz built using VueJS

Technology Used: VueJS, Vuex, SASS, RESTful API

‘Anime Character Quiz?’, is quiz web app built using VueJS and Vuex for state management. Depending on the user’s answer, the quiz would determine which anime character they were most alike and get information from an external RESTful API called JIKAN.


Mars Mission

ReactJS website to educate individuals about Mars and NASA’s Mars Rovers.

Technology Used: React, TypeScript, SASS, RESTful API

'Mars Mission' is a website built using NASA's Open API aimed at children in the 11-16 age range. This was a collaborative project during my bootcamp course. I was responsible for creating the wireframe and creating the reusable components.


The Chase

Javascript game inspired by Frogger

Technology Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

'The Chase' is a mini-game for PC and mobile. The game was inspired by the 1980s arcade game Frogger, mixed with the TV game show 'The Chase'. I was responsible with coding and game art/design.